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Criminal Trespassing arrests or charges are often the result of a misunderstanding or innocent confusion.

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A criminal charge of trespassing is when you go someplace you are not supposed to go. You might not think it sounds like a big deal but Bellevue does. If you are facing a criminal trespass charge, contact our office as soon as possible to discuss your case.

The most common trespass charge we are seeing coming from Bellevue is criminal trespass 1° which means you entered or remained unlawfully in a building. For example, if you were thrown out of Bellevue Square and told not to return to any of that landowner’s properties but then went to Lincoln square which also has the same owner, you could be charged with trespassing 1°. Trespassing 1° is a gross misdemeanor which means the maximum penalty is 354 days in jail and a $5,000 fine.

On the other hand, trespassing 2° is a misdemeanor, which comes with a maximum penalty of 90 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. This charge is used in situations where trespassing 1° is not applicable. Normally, this would be used when the property that was being trespassed upon was not a building.

Whether you are being charged with 1° or 2° trespassing, give our office a call to discuss your situation and to learn more about what you will be facing.